CP810 Sound Processor

1. Fits comfortably behind your ear. Discreet and designed to fit all ear sizes.

2. Two microphones for better quality sound and direction. Designed to capture sound from all around.

3. Adjusts to different hearing situations. Uses SmartSound™ technology to enhance the sounds you or your child want to hear.

4. Ready for future advances. Four digital signal chip processors are included, leaving you plenty of power and space for future upgrades.

SmartSound™ technology
SmartSound program automatically adapts to the environment around you.

Built to last
The Cochlear™ Nucleus® CP810 Sound Processor is a totally new design that uses state-of-the-art robust and durable materials.

Colour and design options
The Nucleus® CP810 Sound Processor features a dazzling range of sound processors colours and patterns to personalise your look.

Designed for an active life
Designed for an active lifestyle, the Nucleus® CP810 Sound Processor allows you to relax and have fun around water.

Powerful battery choices
Enjoy the convenience of being able to switch between rechargeable and disposable batteries.

Connect to other devices
Connect easily with direct and wireless access to entertainment, music and phone.

CP802 Sound Processor

Robust and reliable
• The CP802 Sound Processor was designed for humid and dusty climates and environments and to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life.

• Made from titanium and engineering grade plastic it’s tough and reliable. During development it was subjected to numerous reliability tests, designed to replicate repetitive use in hot, humid, cold and wet environments.

• As part of its development the CP802 sound processor also gained the stringent International Standard IEC 60529 rating of IP57 which gives it the highest level of water resistance of any behind the ear sound processor (depending on battery choices).

• To extend the life of the processor, Cochlear is the first implant company to develop removable Gore® microphone protectors designed to protect your processor’s dual microphones without compromising sound quality.

Affordable to run
• The CP802 can be powered by rechargeable batteries, lasting up to 31 hours per charge, which lowers your running cost (compared to zinc air batteries). For convenience, you can also still use our zinc air disposable batteries.

Easy to use
• The CP802 has been designed to be simple to use, so you can feel confident and comfortable wearing and using it in any situation.

Indicator lights
• These give you the confidence of knowing that your child is hearing sounds. Different lights indicate that the sound processor is working and the microphone is receiving sound or that the sound processor needs attention – for example, if it has a flat battery.

Parental control
• The buttons on the CP802 sound processor are lockable to prevent accidental changes by children, making the sound processor settings child proof.

Simple programming
• The CP802 features Cochlear’s Smart Sound Everyday program which optimises the sound signal so that recipients can hear clearly and feel part of whatever everyday situation they’re enjoying.

Dual microphones
• The CP802 features two omni-directional microphones, designed to deliver the hearing performance your child needs to participate fully in a hearing world.

Battery pack option for more flexibility
• The battery pack option allows you to wear the smaller sound processing unit behind the ear and use a cable to connect a separate battery pack in your pocket or hidden discreetly out of sight. It also comes with a clip that can be fastened to your clothes.

Tamper resistant
• The CP802 battery pack features Cochlear’s unique double action locking system which is designed to make the battery pack child- proof. Once it’s locked in place, even the most curious kids won’t be able to open the complex locking system.

Light and comfortable to wear
• We’ve made the CP802 light so that it sits comfortably on young ears.