Your hearing aids at a glance
Remarkable conversations
are all in the family

Every style in the Moxi receiver-in-canal (RIC) family is designed to meet patient needs and make them smile. Because that’s what
the best families do. Style that gets their attention. Sound that keeps them happy. That’s Moxi.


SoundCore – This group of four intelligent features work together to understand your patient’s listening environment, making fluid adjustments so they can actively participate in every conversation, wherever they go.

SpeechPro – provides optimal speech understanding and localization from all directions, even in the most challenging listening situations: conversations in noise and conversations in crowds.

Spatial Awareness – gets the hearing instruments out of the way so patients truly know which direction speech and sounds are coming from.

SoundNav -is the building block of our SoundCore technology. It automatically identifies and classifies signals into seven distinct environments – four of them dedicated to conversations – blending them to match real life.

Sound Conductor – automatically adjusts for speech in all kinds of conversations, provides comfort and awareness in quiet and noisy environments, and maintains natural sound quality.

SpeechZone 2 – automatically adjusts in difficult background noise, so patients can hear speech from all directions.

Binaural spatial processing – Hearing instruments work together to determine the direction of speech.

Log It All – captures real-life data that provides more context around the environments where patients actually spend time. Use it to spark evidence-based conversations surrounding a patient’s lifestyle and technology level choices.


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