Max is a new Super Power
Hearing instrument from Unitron.

Max™ believe in fighting over – amplification and protecting long term hearing health.
Max™ believe that every feature should work towards the goal of maximizing speech intelligibility.
Max™ believe that following industry standard fitting formulas provides the best speech intelligibility and overall awareness.
Max™ believe that  severe to profound clients need a hearing instrument that is build to last

Max™  is further that hearing instrument built on the Era™ platform make great things happen.
Max™ is a new Super Power


SmartFocus SP
Designed for the Super Power category, SmartFocus SP works within the Automatic Program to synergize and optimize performance of directional microphones, speech enhancement, noise reduction and gain. Your patients experience the best speech understanding or comfort as each situation demands, without compromising awareness.

Automatic Program
High-resolution sensors in the Automatic Program continuously analyze listening environments and provide real-time information to the classifier, which custom blends the hearing instrument’s response for the optimal response in changing environments.

Power Adaptation Manager
Allows you to set the frequency response at the starting point patients expect – which can be well above prescribed target – then gradually reduce gain to the ideal level for speech intelligibility and long-term hearing protection. This satisfies patients’ desire for power and helps boost first fit acceptance, even for patients transitioning from analog to digital hearing instruments.

Frequency compression
An industry leading feature for severe to profound hearing loss. By shifting sounds away from areas where hearing is most damaged and compressing them into the audible range, patients experience a fuller range of sounds for improved awareness and speech intelligibility.

Binaural Phone
Wirelessly streams audio signals from the cellular or landline phone ear to the other ear without a separate accessory, for clear, balanced phone conversations.

Pinna Effect
Available in both BTE and ITE hearing instruments, Pinna Effect recreates the natural acoustics of the ear’s pinna, providing a much more true-to-life directionality, particularly in the high frequencies.

This industry first feature eliminates the discomfort caused by sudden impulse noises (without completely removing the sounds or making them unrecognizable) to preserve speech comfort and clarity.

This industry first feature allows patients to instantly teach their hearing instruments their preferred settings. When they next encounter the same acoustic situations, their preferences are applied to the Automatic Program.

Self learning
Your patients can teach their hearing instruments their unique listening preferences, including personal comfort-clarity and volume adjustments, during use.

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