The unique engine inside Discover Next helps people get to the heart of conversations.


Discover Next

Move beyond words.
Incredible sound performance to capture deeper meaning in conversations.
Incredible begins with the first words they hear And getting them started has never been easier

Great style
Your clients should only notice two things about their hearing instruments: how good they sound and how sleek they look. On top of sound quality, our user-centric design approach creates the perfect balance of technology and design.

5 clicks to “That sounds amazing!”
Our TrueFit™ fitting software enables a quick, easy and accurate fitting experience in five clicks or less. It ensures all the necessary settings are optimized, giving you confidence you’re providing the best possible first fit with a better sounding starting point.

Sound that eases them in and keeps getting better
Starting at a full target fit can be loud, harsh, and overwhelming, which can cause clients to stop wearing their hearing instruments. That’s where our Automatic Adaptation Manager (AAM) comes in. AAM starts with a volume and transparency that’s comfortable to new wearers, then automatically transitions to peak performance so they gradually and seamlessly adjust to their new sounds.

Discover Next Moxi Fit

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