Baha® 6 Max Sound Processor

Small never sounded this powerful

The Baha® 6 Max is a premium-power bone conduction sound processor that doesn’t compromise on important features. It is designed to provide the output of a power device – up to 55 dB SNHL* – while maintaining a small and discreet size.

The power level can provide access to a broad and dynamic range of sounds to improve your ability to hear in noisy environments.1 The Baha 6 Max Sound Processor also features advanced technology that lets you stream directly from compatible Apple® and Android™ devices.**

Direct streaming from your smartphone

You can stream your favorite music, movies, TV shows, calls and more – directly to your sound processor from a compatible Apple or Android device. **

Xidium™ platform

High-powered platform with a broader frequency range. Research suggests that an extended bandwidth can improve recognition of high-frequency consonants in quiet and in noise.1

Baha Smart App

Control sound processor settings and personalize your listening experience, and find your sound processor if it gets misplaced. Get it from App Store or Google Play.

LED alert light

Children can’t always tell you when their sound processor is on, working and streaming. An LED light provides parents and caregivers with a quick visual indication of the Baha 6 Max’s status.

SmartSound® iQ technology

Designed to automatically adjust to your environment and reduce background noise that can make hearing difficult in challenging environments.

Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone 2+

Join conversations by using the Mini Mic 2+ in work meetings, group activities at school or ask the person you’re listening to in a noisy situation to wear it to hear what is being said.

Cochlear™ Baha Remote Control 2

Easily manage your hearing at the push of a button.

Cochlear™ Wireless TV Streamer

Enjoy personal volume control while watching TV with the family, without turning up the volume.

Cochlear™ Wireless Phone Clip

Talk on the phone and listen to music with Bluetooth® technology – hands free.

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Cochlear Baha® Start

Take the first step to better hearing with a Softband or SoundArc™, both are designed for those who are not old enough or not yet ready for a bone conduction implant.


Baha Start for children

Your child’s first step to better hearing

Baha Start is our non-surgical bone conduction solution that features the Baha® Softband or SoundArc™ and Baha Sound Processor options for children who are not old enough* or not yet ready for a surgical solution.

Baha Start with the Softband or SoundArc wearing options are designed to provide your child with a non-surgical hearing solution that provides them with the hearing performance and amplification they need to maximize language development on par with hearing peers.

It’s important that if your child has hearing loss, they gain access to sound as soon as possible. That’s why we offer Lend an Ear. Our Lend an Ear program provides children under the age of 12 access to an appropriately-fit Baha Sound Processor while the insurance approval takes place, which means your child can start their hearing journey sooner rather than later.

Baha Softband: An ideal choice for babies and toddlers

Designed with babies and toddlers in mind

Learning to communicate begins early, well before your child sounds out “ma-ma” or “da-da” for the first time. That’s why it’s important to give your baby access to sound as soon as possible. The Baha Softband is an easy-to-wear headband designed to help you do just that.

Easy to wear

Unique Baha SoftWear Pads are designed to increase comfort with a soft material on the skin-contact surface using slow recovery foam to ensure the best retention and comfort for your child.

Comfortable and soft

The Softband features Baha SoftWear™ pads, designed to reduce pressure on the skin while also allowing sound transmission.


Baha SoundArc: An effective and stylish non-surgical solution

Designed with a modern look

Like a pair of sunglasses, the SoundArc is easy to put on and take off and can fit one or two Baha Sound Processors.

Color tips personalization

Soft colored tips let your child match their hair, style or clothes, so they can express themselves and enjoy wearing their SoundArc.

Adjustable fit

Heads come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why SoundArc is adaptable to fit heads of different shapes and sizes, comfortably and securely.

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Disclaimer: Only Black color is available in the Philippines.