Cochlear Baha 3 Power (BP110) is a fully programmable high power sound processor developed exclusively to meet the needs of patients with substantial mixed hearing loss (up to 55 dB SNHL), risk of progressive hearing loss and patients with single-sided sensorineural deafness (SSD).
The automatic signal processing and directional microphones in Cochlear Baha 3 Power help to ensure that  your patients will benefit from the best signal across a variety of sound environments. Baha 3  Power is based on Baha bone conduction technology and designed to work with the Cochlear Baha implant.


• Fully Programmable, high power head worn soud processor
• 12 channel sound analysis
• 3 user-defined programs
• Wide-band Dynamic Range Compression
• Automatic Adaptive Multi-band Directional System
• Automatic Noise Management
• Active Feedback Cancellation
• Acoustic Shock Protection
• Dynamic Output Stabilizer
• Dedicated fitting rationales for mixed loss, conductive loss and SSD
• Direct Audio Input with universal Europin connector
• Patient optimized fitting with Baha Fitting Software 2.0
• Weather protected from moisture and wind noise through acoustically transparent membrane



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