Cochlear Baha 3 (BP100) is a fully programmable sound processor developed exclusively to meet the needs of patients with conductive loss, mixed loss and patients with single-sided sensorineural deafness (SSD).
The automatic signal processing in Cochlear Baha 3 BP100 helps to ensure that your patients will benefits from the best signal across a variety of sound environments. Baha 3 is based on Baha bone conduction technology and designed to work with the Cochlear Baha implant.


• Fully programmable, premium head worn sound processor
• 12 channel sound analysis
• 3 user-defined programs
• Wide-band Dynamic Range Compression
• Automatic Adaptive Multi-band Directional System
• Automatic Noise Management
• Active Feedback Cancellation
• Acoustic Shock Protection
• Dedicated fitting rationales for mixed loss, conductive loss and SSD
• Dedicated listening programs for music and noisy environments
• Direct Audio Input with Europlug connector
• Patient optimized fitting with Baha Fitting Software
• Weather protected from moisture and wind noise through acoustically transparent membrane


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