20 Years of Quality Medical Equipment & Service

GRUPPO TECHNICO MEDICO INTERNATIONALE, INC. (GTMI or “Gruppo”) is a private corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines since April 7, 1998.
For 20 years and counting, our business has bee n providing, maintaining, sourcing and supplying affordable and good quality medical equipment, instruments and machines for medical diagnostics, radiological screenings and hearing healthcare solutions.

Guillermo “Jerry” T. Mallillin , a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer with nearly 40 years’ experience as CT Scan engineer and who served more than 10 years with General Electric (GE), founded Gruppo Technico Medico Internationale, Inc. as a way to provide tertiary & secondary hospitals and Diagnostic Centers, with affordable and well-functioning CT systems, MR Systems and other diagnostic imaging equipment and products.

Prior to its legal inception and registration with the SEC in the late 1990s, Gruppo and its founding members—who are renowned pillars in the Philippine diagnostic imaging industry—began by maintaining four (4) CT scan machines across four (4) separate hospital locations throughout Luzon.
From this initial success, GTMI has grown into one of the 8,000 top corporations in the Philippines, already expanding its reach into Visayas and Mindanao.

mission and vission

As of October 2019, Gruppo Technico Medico Internationale, Inc. has forty-four (44) employees in total, spread across two (2) divisions: the Core Division and Gruppo Hearing® Division.

The Core Division of GTMI is engaged in the servicing of all GE/YMS CT products, which represent sixty percent (60%) of the total CT business in the Philippines. Moreover, GTMI is still a dominant player in the Used Market of the local CT Scan industry and has a minimum market share of twenty percent (20%) overall.

There are eleven (11) dedicated engineers comprising the team who maintain over sixty (60) CT scan sites throughout the Philippines, including a few Direct Digital Retrofit Systems, several X-Ray Equipment (including Mammography Systems) and several Paper Printers (specific to medical diagnostic machines).

Other business products and services the Core Division offers include the sale & service of Direct Digital Retrofit Systems, X-rays Systems, Film Processors and Ultrasound Systems. The Corporation is likewise involved in the sale of CT Tubes, Radiographic X-ray Systems, X-ray films, Film Processors, Contrast Media, Paper Printers and Accessories.

Most importantly, for over two decades, GTMI (through its Core Division) still upholds its founding and lasting company credo: Quality Service and Equipment at Affordable Cost.


Gruppo Hearing: A Total Solution, “Serving With A Heart”

Gruppo Hearing® is the brand division of Gruppo Technico Medico Internationale, Inc. dedicated in supporting the field of Audiology (the medical subspecialty focused the sense of hearing) and Otorhinolaryngology (the medical specialty for the ears, nose and throat or “ENT” and related structures of the head and neck).

The Gruppo Hearing® Division provides patients, medical professionals and healthcare providers with solutions that target four (4) specific areas:

  1. Screening and diagnosis of hearing impairment at all levels
  2. Restoration and amplification of hearing
  3. Intervention, prevention and habilitation management
  4. Addressing other hearing-related medical conditions and challenges

Products provided by Gruppo Hearing® (GH) include Natus® and Neurosoft brands for early detection, Neurosoft and Inventis brands for diagnosis, Unitron hearing aids for amplification and management, and Cochlear® and Baha® implants and soft-band hearing aids for patients with severe to profound hearing loss.

GH also offers a comprehensive and wide range of services when it comes to hearing healthcare. The vision of Gruppo Hearing® is to provide “A Total Solution” and to be the Philippine leader in offering a full range of Clinical Audiology products and services that cut across all Philippine locations and populations, from birth to geriatrics.

We do not merely assist in providing appropriate physical instruments to the patient, doctor or hospital. Gruppo Hearing® offers screening, diagnostics, amplification and habilitation services such as Puretone audiometry (PTA), Speech audiometry, Tympanometry, Newborn Hearing Screening Test, ABR and ASSR (including Bone Conduction) Tests, Speech Therapy, Habilitation Therapy and much more.

GH goes beyond the mere sale of its brand products and commits to providing very strong “pre-sale” and “after-sale” support. After all, Gruppo Hearing® believes in Serving with a Heart”—providing assistance to the patients, medical professionals and healthcare providers from start to finish. Its mission is to professionalize, to educate and to provide…. Gruppo Hearing® commits itself to helping people hear again and hear better for the long term.